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Web Development

Heavy user of the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.JS) to build everthing from basic file servers, to real time data apps, to multi-user simulation platforms.

Web Design

Proficient skills and knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript used in the designing of multiple web pages. Avid use of Twitter Bootstrap and Angular-Material

Energy Modeling

Experienced in the building of physics based energy models using both the OpenStudio GUI and SDK, with additional experience into the inner workings of EnergyPlus.


Projects, Sites and Stuff I've worked on.

Virtual PULSE

Urban Simulations Online


Build 3D Environments

Simulation Platform

Tiered Building Energy Simulation

Real Time U

Real Time Campus Energy Visualization

Web Presence of Research Group


PSU Architectural Engineering Thesis


Life, Education, & Work

  • 2005-2009

    Abington Height High School

    Attended Abington Heights High School from 2005-2009. Participated in FIRST Robotics, National Honor Society, Varsity Swimming, and Varsity Track & Field.

  • 2009-2014

    The Pennsylvania State University

    Graduated in 2014 from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Architectural Engineering (Mechanical Focus), with aditional minors in Architctual Studies and Information Sciences and Technology

  • Summer 2013

    Software Developer, EEB Hub

    Sowftware Development Intern working on the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub's Simulation Platform. Work focued on the development of the overall web platform with focus on using utility bill to do basic inverse modeling of commercial building energy use.

  • June 2014-Present

    Research Assistant and Web Developer, University of Maryland

    Research Assistant under Dr.Jelena Srebric for the Cluster for Sustainability in the Built Environment. Work is part of the NSF EFRI-PULSE Project and focues on the development of a web-based solution to the modeling and simulation of the urban built environment.

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